We have been building, repairing, and restoring structures in Florida for over 40 years. 


Orlando Area

Building Sealant Restoration

Florida Hospital – Orlando, Florida

\We were the selected bidder by the engineering firm Williamson and Associates to install the unique 123 Pre-Formed Joint System by Dow Corning at both the ribbon windows and the panelized building system to solve water and air leak issues.

Patio Deck Roof Replacement

The Villages Regional Hospital

Water intrusion due to unsealed planter box assemblies necessitated the following emergency scopes of work here at this hospital. We removed the steel trellis, stone caps on the planter walls, handrail assembly and roof pavers pedestal system.

West Wing Exterior Renovation

Florida Hospital Main Campus

Our relationship with the Adventist Health System continues to grow. This 2010 project includes removal and replacement of window sealants using Dow silicone sealants and extrusions, installation of aluminum Kynar Coated Panels and applying new coatings at tower walls.


Sarasota & Tampa Bay

Brick & Grout Restoration

Cornerstone Cancer Center

We removed brick from the skin of the building around the windows and doors to access the deteriorated waterproofing membranes behind the brick which was failing to keep the building watertight. The obsolete materials were then replaced with advanced waterproofing membrane systems.

Maintenance & Waterproofing

Promenade at Longboat Key

Built in 1985, this 10 story building consists of 112 luxury units. Our talented building rappellers make repairs on this bulding more cost effective over other rigging methods.

Structural Repair & Waterproofing

City of Lakeland, Florida

This challenging project required structural repairs including concrete crack repair, concrete tie beam strengthening and repairs, T-stem repairs at bearing plates and expansion joint installation at parking garage deck surface. 

Structural Repair & Waterproofing

One Metro Center Parking Garage

We were contracted to perform work to repair the parking garage at One Metro Center. Scopes included concrete spall repairs, 2,500 lineal feet of epoxy crack injection, T-stem evaluation and repair, and waterproofing at the parking garage deck surface.


Vero Beach to Miami Beach Area

Deck, Planter, & Roof System Waterproofing

BCBE, Inc., One Bal Harbor

We were mobilized to this project because of our specific expertise and ability to install high quality waterproofing, roof and deck systems quickly and efficiently. Work included emergency provisioning of a crew of 50 to install a high-rise roof waterproofing system at a new resort complex.

Window & Door Replacement

Oceanfront Residence

In Florida, we typically get about 60” of rain per year, most of it, horizontally at 50 miles per hour. The reality is that if your windows and doors are not properly sealed, you could have a serious problem. This unsuspecting homeowner bought an existing home which had leaking windows, doors, pool deck, planter boxes and exterior stucco cladding. 

Structural Waterproofing

Hillsboro Mile – Hillsboro Beach, Florida

At this estate home we installed PROSOCO RGuard® FastFlash (formerly called Wet-Flash) which is a liquid applied flashing system and is our preferred solution for proper sealant of window and door openings.

Elevated Deck Repairs & Waterproofing

Stuart, Florida

During a renovation at this Estate home we were chosen to install the long-term warranted waterproofing system at an elevated deck.

Remediation / Renovation

Hillsboro Mile – Hillsboro Beach, Florida

At this home we found extensive water damaged interior construction elements resulting from pervasive window, door and roof leaks. Work scopes include roof repairs, mold remediation, removal and replacement of drywall, windows and doors.

Structural Waterproofing at Private Estate

Jupiter Florida

At this grand Estate home under construction, we were chosen to install structural waterproofing details associated with the window and door system installation.


Naples/Fort Myers Region

Building Envelope Restoration

Merrill Lynch Building

We developed a team of experts to evaluate and specify the renovation scope which ultimately included demolition of the exterior walls, substantial exterior structural steel wall upgrades, fireproofing, waterproofing, insulation upgrades, exterior stucco cladding upgrades and architectural enhancements to the exterior facade of the building.

Building Maintenance

Venetian Isles at Park Shore, Naples, Florida

Over the past 20 years, we have performed many exterior building facade enhancements to keep these unique structures standing tall over the waterway. At the waterside elevations, the majority of the work was performed from barges with our own boom lift equipment.

Elevated Balcony Deck Repairs

Beachfront Estate Home – Naples, Florida

Beachfront environments are more severe and can take a toll on unprotected building structures. This multi-story home exhibited numerous balcony leaks which ultimately led to localized structural damage. Repairs to this beachfront estate home were designed to ensure the integrity and longevity of the building envelope for many years to come.

Building Maintenance

Newgate Complex – Naples, Florida

This loyal and long-term customer relies on our services to resolve building envelope issues of all kinds – quickly! We understand that time is of the essence when keeping valuable tenants satisfied within their office space. This building features intricate skylights and window systems which require constant maintenance. You can often see our rappellers hanging from the rooftop.

Emergency Restoration

SunTrust Bank

In the wake of Hurricane Wilma, this landmark office building which housed numerous national corporations and their staff, sustained epic roof damage and substantial damage to the interior of certain offices. We quickly mobilized over 50 workman to the job-site to remove the roof tiles which had been dislodged during the substantial backside winds of the hurricane. 


Port Royal Estate Home – Naples, Florida

We were contracted by A. Vernon Allen Builder to install long-term warranted waterproofing systems at the elevated decks, exterior gutters, interior showers and other critical areas within this luxury estate home. We also completed installation of exterior caulking and sealants, installation of interior plastering and Venetian finishes.

Building Restoration

Lee County Justice Center Annex, Ft. Myers

Intricate work scopes on the Lee County Justice Center Annex, included: removal and re-installation of high-performance silicone sealants, and the cleaning, sealing & polishing of the exterior granite facade. This work was completed while maintaining normal occupancy and operations.

Building Facade Restoration

SunTrust Financial Center – Ft. Myers, Florida

On the parking garage, we replaced the existing failed stucco system with a current Florida Building Code compliant stucco cladding system.



Structural Strengthening

Leon County Courthouse

On the exterior plaza deck at the courthouse stands a memorial to World War II veterans. Our company was hired to provide structural concrete repairs and CFRP slab strengthening prior to the installation of the bronze sculpture to enhance the load bearing capacity of the plaza deck surrounding the memorial.