Top Trends for Improving Your Outdoor Living Space in Florida

By The Aerial Companies, Inc. - January 24, 2022

Are you looking to upgrade the exterior or outdoor living space of your home? With more people spending more time at home, remodeling and improving outdoor living spaces has become more important, and more emphasis is now being placed on investing in comfortable, adequate, and entertaining outdoor spaces. We've compiled the top features and trends that will help you improve and enjoy your outdoor living space.

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Customizing Your Front Yard

Front yards have become the new normal in most homes. While the conventional front yards were often used to appeal to the eye, now the trend is to also utilize and maximize the available space for daily living. Improving your front yard into a functional, beautiful outdoor space is a great way of creating a welcoming space for your family and friends.

When prioritizing a social front yard, it's important to remember that front yard designs are less formal than backyard designs. In addition, simplicity is part of the front yard's appeal. You can consider adding comfortable benches, a tree swing, and a bistro table accompanied by chairs to bring life into your front yard.

Integrating Technology

Another great way to improve your outdoor living space is by incorporating the technology you use on the interior into your outdoor space. You don't have to change the layout or look of your outdoor living space, since you can seamlessly integrate technology into your outdoor space. 

For instance, most people are incorporating LED color-changing technology in their outdoor living spaces, to improve the mood of their spaces. Another trend that seems to impress many people is the installation of music as a way to make the outdoor living space more interesting, fun, and entertaining.

Sliding and Folding Doors 

Do you want to have an indoor-outdoor living space? Folding and sliding doors are the most trending technique to achieve flexibility between the indoor living space and outdoor living space. This feature will help you attain a relaxing vibe in your outdoor living space. In addition, sliding doors are ideal if you have a limited outdoor living space because the openness will provide you with a sense of a bigger space.   

Investing in Features That Increase the Hours You Spend Outdoors

The idea here is to extend the time you spend outdoors, for instance, using add-ons and furniture that will allow you to spend more time outside. Think of comfort and a relaxing feeling as your top priority when investing in outdoor fixtures. Investing in amenities or features like misting systems, fire pits, fans, and heat lamps goes a long way to maximizing the time you enjoy in your outdoor living space. 

Other features that are trending in outdoor living spaces include lighting and throw blankets, which provide comfort during cooler temperatures or in the evening. Although these features are not entirely new, using them to transform outdoor living spaces is becoming more popular than before, with people becoming more creative with designs in an attempt to incorporate more comfort into the outdoor space.  

Outdoor Lighting

Investing in outdoor lighting is a priority if you're looking for continued inspiration from nature's beauty. Whether it's statement fixtures, installing hurricane lanterns, or any other lighting options, prioritizing and upgrading your outdoor lighting will open doors to a functional and beautiful outdoor living space. You can also consider having areas of light and darkness to help you highlight different areas.

With more emerging trends that improve outdoor living spaces, it's now easier to transform your outdoor space to make it more appealing, comfortable, and entertaining. So, do you need help with designing your outdoor living space? Visit our website or contact us and get your outdoor living space designed into a luxury space!

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