The 10 Latest Design and Innovation Trends for Building Your Luxury Dream Kitchen in Florida

By The Aerial Companies, Inc. - November 21, 2022

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an older one, these are some of the most common and most popular trends found in modern kitchens in Florida.

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The 10 Most Popular Kitchen Design Trends and Innovations

1. Smart Home Technology in the Kitchen

Smart Kitchens are the leader of the latest design trends for kitchens. Integrating 'Smart Technology' into our kitchen faucets, refrigerators, and lighting is leading the way for 2021, and the 'Smart Kitchen' looks to be the trend for years to come.

Using sensors and other pieces of compatible computer hardware in our new luxury kitchen designs, we can control everything from refrigerator inventory, to motion sensing faucets that sense when our hands are near. Today, these luxury kitchens are built 'smart' from the ground up.

2. Color Choice Trends Say White is On Its Way Out!

In the trendiest of Florida homes, designers are leaning towards darker tones and hues to bring out certain features and the commonality of white is used as an accent. White cabinets that were once the norm, and could be implemented in just about every application are being replaced with dark blues, greens, and trimmed with the whites and neutrals that once reigned supreme.

3. Material/Texture/Designs are All Becoming Streamlined

It seems that there are more and more designs leaning toward a streamlined look. Open shelves are replacing wall cabinets, and allowing the countertop spaces to be used more productively.

Natural colored ceramics as well as floor tiles are becoming the go-to choice for many and removing your current kitchen layout for a more streamlined approach to utilizing your available space is paramount in Florida home design today.

4. Eye Catching Focal Points/Accents

Having that one piece of the kitchen to automatically draw the eye is top priority for many designers. Some have found new and innovative ways to do that. One such way are the new visually pleasing vent hoods that are being used in kitchen design. Center island cooktops with one of these new vent hoods is one way to have a central focal point as the kitchen wraps itself around it.

5. Solutions to Storage Issues

You can never have enough storage space, right? One of the latest design trends in high-end Florida kitchens is finding existing spaces that aren't being used, and using them. Appliance 'garages' for appliances, roll out caddies for pots and pans are excellent examples of creating new storage.

6. Hardwood or Ceramic?

Hardwood flooring has been the obvious choice for years now. Ceramic flooring seems to have the hardwood on its heels as it is being implemented in more luxury kitchen designs here in Florida. Then there are the ones that have it both ways. Ceramic tiles that look like hardwood flooring planks. Look for this trend to slowly evolve into a far superior product over the next few years.

7. The Island Gets an Upgrade

It hasn't been too long ago that kitchen islands were the selling point of any kitchen. The same holds true today as the island is being repurposed. The island is meant to make a statement and give impact to the kitchen. Today, we see more islands taking on dual or even triple roles as some double as a cooktop and breakfast bar, or beverage bar, dining, and cooking bar. The imagination is truly the limit with respect to the Island and its purpose.

8. Trendy Backsplashes

The backsplash can be a small piece of your kitchen design project, or it can be the focal point. Many designers are experimenting with trendy new backsplash ideas, and some of them actually run from countertop to ceiling, replacing wall cabinets, and giving the kitchen walls a texture all its own! This is another area where the options are limitless!

9. Bringing Your Kitchen Outside

A new and trendy way of connecting your given spaces. Try integrating your kitchen space to an ideal outdoor dining space. Some designs are taking small portions of an outdoor space and closing them in with floor to ceiling glass panels that can open up the outdoors and connect it with the indoors.

10. Heavy Metal

No, not the music, the actual metal itself is being used more today in kitchen design than any single item. There are galvanized metal roof panels that come in many colors that are being used as wall covering to give the 'industrial feel' to your kitchen. Track lighting that bounces off metal panels is one good example of the design trend.

And there you have it! Some of the latest design and innovation trends for your luxury Florida kitchen! When you get ready to design your luxury kitchen in Florida, call the professional team at Aerial Companies, or go by their website and see just how easy designing your luxurious Florida kitchen can be!