Port Royal Estate- Naples, FL

Renovation & Waterproofing

Luxury Estate Home Warrants Current Florida Building Code Upgrades!

The owner of this 8,000 square foot home determined that the most cost effective, long term solution to their exterior window, door and shutter obsolescence issue was to upgrade to new insulated and impact windows and doors. Our management team and field personnel installed temporary protection at the interior side of the openings, removed the exterior cast stone surrounds as well as the stucco cladding adjacent to the opening surrounds in order to access the structural framing at the openings. We then removed the old windows, doors and shutters and subsequently rebuilt the structural openings to accommodate the new windows and doors. This option also allowed us to remove the dated shutters from the exterior façade which removed the visual obstruction to the elegant period Architecture.

Once the new window and door units were installed we waterproofed the openings and then replaced the stucco cladding and cast stone surrounds as required. The final touch was the repainting of the exterior of the home to render the façade complete.


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