What Should I Do After A Hurricane?

By The Aerial Companies, Inc. - November 07, 2022

Over 32 million American homes are at risk of hurricane damage each year. Unfortunately, all too often, the worst becomes a reality. If a hurricane has impacted your city, neighborhood, and home, what should you do in the aftermath? This is your guide for the next steps and who to call for hurricane damage.

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Safely Return Home

If you and your family evacuated to a safer location before the hurricane, only return home when the local authorities have given the all-clear. In their wake, hurricanes leave debris, flooding, and other hazards in the roadways so make your way back home slowly and carefully. 

  • Be careful of floodwater. It is dangerous to drive through floodwaters because you can't tell how deep it is, and a current may sweep your car away or flip it over. Floodwater may also contain dangerous contaminants such as raw sewage, chemicals, and bacteria. 
  • Downed power lines may be live. Never drive over or near lines that are down. Instead, call 911 immediately and choose another route home. 
  • Beware of downed trees and limbs in the roadways. Branches or even trees could have fallen in the storm, so be careful as you drive down roads that may not have been cleaned up yet.  

Always err on the side of caution and choose only the safest routes. If a suitable route cannot be found, it may be best to wait for a couple of days until it is safe. Staying tuned to the local authorities can help you choose the best route.

Avoid Using Tap Water

Hurricanes can contaminate tap water. It is crucial to avoid using (e.g., drinking and cooking with) tap water until the local authorities say it is safe to do so. The water may have harmful bacteria that can make you sick if consumed. 

Inspect Your Home and Property for Damages

The very first thing you should do upon returning home is to check your home and property for damages. Damages can range from broken windows, loose or missing roofing panels, flood damage, and more. Be sure to report any issues and losses of property to your insurance immediately so that repairs can begin as soon as possible.  

Contact a Trusted Professional

The biggest concern with hurricanes is flooding, from either freshwater or seawater. No matter what type of flooding occurs, you’ll want to get an environmental professional with a mold assessment certification to come and inspect your home. Even when you dry out those areas, mold and bacteria can still be an issue. These professionals are able to test the air and surfaces to ensure that there are no harmful areas in your home. 

It is crucial that your home is repaired right and in a timely manner. Contacting a trusted professional will ensure the repairs are of the highest quality and will give you peace of mind that your home is safe for you and your family.

The Aerial Companies specializes in all aspects of water damage repair, including dry-out services and removal of contaminants. Our craftsmen are highly skilled at restoring your building to its original condition- like it never happened.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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