The Experience of Building and Protecting Your Estate Home

By The Aerial Companies, Inc. - February 21, 2022

Craig Kobza is the President and CEO of The Aerial Companies, Inc. and has been featured on a podcast episode for Oley Kinser Concierge Wealth.

The Aerial Companies began after Craig moved from Michigan to Florida over 40 years ago. Their attention to detail in the construction industry has led the company to what they are today: a trusted, full service construction and building company. Whether you are in need of new construction, restoration, or remodeling, The Aerial Companies can help.

Overcoming Challenges in the Industry

Q: Over the course of your career, the construction industry has gone through significant changes and setbacks. How have you adapted to these changes and what have you learned along the way?

A: “My number one most important rule is to do the right thing and not just to say it, but to do it. If you’ve looked at the course of my career, I’ve lived in South Florida through 10 building code changes. Why is that important? Well those building code changes indicated trends in the market, and generally they have made you pay attention to construction in a more particular way.” 

“Typically these code changes mean they are making things better and safer and it also forces construction workers to learn from these changes. They have to learn about new equipment and new processes that make things better. Because we are an active company everyday, it gives us the opportunity to see the different ways of doing things in Florida and that is very gratifying and challenging.”

Industry Trends

Q: What are some trends that you see in our area?

A: “What I’ve seen in the last 30 to 40 years, is that homes are getting more complicated and more sophisticated. We went from single story Michigan homes that did very well to homes that needed to be bigger and more sophisticated. In these newer homes, we started to see some issues, because northern developers didn’t understand the amount of rain we get here in Florida. One example of these issues is that these developers might not use waterproofing.”

“For us at The Aerial Companies, we started to step up details and try and catch or fix details before they are an issue, especially in new construction.”

What Should You Look for in a General Contractor?

“The number one thing you should look for is trust and whether you as a client can get along with your builder. Many of our clients are people who have worked all their life for every dollar they’ve made. So when it comes time for them to retire and buy a new home or an existing home, they want to be able to trust their contractor.”

“One example I have is this couple who moved down to Florida looking for a home for retirement. They had their potential home inspected and ended up purchasing an $11 million home. After about 20 days of living in the home, there was a large rainstorm that hit and their home started leaking from the roof, the windows, the walls, etc. After about 14 years, the owners of this home won a lawsuit at the Supreme Court level, for homeowners who buy houses with defects.”

“In order to avoid this kind of problem, take a little more time upfront when you are purchasing a home. If you are purchasing a more complicated home, be sure you use someone who can properly inspect the home.”

Supply Chain Issues and Inflation

Q: How have you been handling the supply chain and inflation issues within your industry?

A: “That question is at the core of our business everyday. In our business, we use about 3,000 different products, and it’s been extremely difficult to get some of these products recently. Typically, our project manager is in charge of scoping out the project and the materials needed, but now that it’s so difficult to get these orders in, I’ve had to place my oldest son in charge of acquiring these hard to get products.”

“We also have a few projects going on downtown and weekly we are getting letters from our suppliers with messages such as, “These five products are going up 20%”. This is making it difficult for our builders because they can’t determine the exact cost of projects and timing can be delayed because products aren’t there in time.”

“We’ve been trying to stock up on products and be prepared, but some of these items have a  six-month shelf life or twelve-month shelf life, so we can’t prepare for too far in the future. Overall, there have been many challenges recently, but we’re trying to think ahead the best we can.” 

At The Aerial Companies, we are a full-service general contractor with over 40 years of experience. We not only use durable materials and deliver quality work but also ensure your project is completed on time. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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