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Who We Serve

The Aerial Companies, Inc. has been providing Florida residents and businesses with building construction and repair expertise for over 3 decades.

Throughout our 30-plus year history in building repair, building construction, and general contracting, we have provided services to a broad spectrum of individuals, businesses, and organizations. Due to our extensive knowledge and expertise we are able to help in the new construction phase, building waterproofing and repair, and in construction damage investigation.

Aerial Serves Luxury Estate HomeownersLuxury Estate Homeowners

In the multi-million dollar estate home arena The Aerial Companies, Inc. has conducted structural repair, water damage repair, restoration, maintenance, and construction inspection. We have also conducted construction defect investigations and construction defect consultation for clients faced with structural defect litigation. Please visit our individual Luxury Estate Homes page to learn about projects we’ve completed for estate home owners.

Aerial Serves Condominium AssociationsCondo Associations

The Aerial Companies, Inc. has provided long term maintenance solutions to thousands of condo owners across Florida. We understand the complexity of the Condo Association Manager’s job and work with each of them to educate and build consensus among homeowners about building maintenance solutions. Please visit our individual Condo Associations page to learn about projects we’ve completed for condo associations.

Aerial Serves the Hospitality IndustryResorts and Hotels

We have conducted all types of building repair and maintenance services for resorts and hotels across Florida. The Aerial Companies, Inc. experts are highly respected for their focus on maintaining the comfort of the guests at resorts, hotels, and other hospitality type structures. We know any interruptions to the revenue generating operations of your business can be costly. So we strive to be as non-intrusive as possible. Please visit our individual Resorts and Hotels page to learn about projects we’ve completed.

Aerial Serves the Medical IndustryMedical Facilities

A number of Florida’s finest medical facilities have trusted The Aerial Companies, Inc. with their critical building maintenance and repair. Of utmost concern during our projects, is the protection of patients and guests from hazards associated with construction. We are extremely cognizant of the sensitive nature of working in and around medical buildings and carefully plan every phase of the project to maintain building health. Please visit our individual Medical Facilities page to learn about projects we’ve completed in Florida.

Aerial Serves Office Building ManagersOffice Buildings

For three decades we have specialized in structural repair, waterproofing, water damage repair and building maintenance of complex commercial office buildings. Throughout the years our building science experts have helped many office complex managers by providing them with comprehensive solutions for both exterior and interior building renovation. Please visit our individual Office Buildings page to read about specific projects we’ve completed at commercial office buildings in Florida.

Aerial Serves the Public SectorGovernments

The Aerial Companies, Inc. has conducted all types of building repair and restoration for a wide variety of institutions at the local and state level. The building  managers at these institutions appreciate our dedication to the critical requirements of the building occupants’ safety and schedules. We take special measures to avoid disruption and maintain the safety of all those who work in, or visit, the building. Please visit our individual Governments page to learn about our building maintenance and repair.

Aerial Serves Financial InstitutionsFinancial Institutions

We serve regional banks and local financial institutions, throughout Florida, providing many necessary periodic maintenance and troubleshooting services. The financial institutions we serve have come to rely on us for our extensive expertise in commercial building maintenance and repair. Please visit our individual Financial Institutions page to learn about projects we’ve completed for these institutions.

Aerial Serves the Architectural CommunityArchitects

The Aerial Companies, Inc. has often provided architects with detailed solutions for difficult problems concerning complex commercial and residential buildings. We also offer periodic inspections during construction for architects and home owners. This service, being conducted by a neutral third party, helps ensure the building is being constructed properly to mitigate future problems. Please visit our individual Architects page for more information.

Aerial Serves the finest General ContractorsGeneral Contractors

General Contractors throughout Florida have subcontracted The Aerial Companies, Inc. to assist in detailed construction applications. Our depth of experience working on complex building structures, conducting complicated structural repair, water damage repair, waterproofing, and remediation make us a relied upon source for these services. Please visit our individual General Contractors page to learn more.

Aerial Serves AttorneysAttorneys

We regularly assist attorneys with building construction review, defect forensics, and litigation support. Three decades of construction, general contracting, and major structural and water damage repair projects have given owner, Craig Kobza, the expertise attorneys rely on for litigation support. Craig and his staff provide detailed construction forensic reporting, analysis, and litigation support. Please visit our individual Attorneys page to see more about our support service. Or visit for more information about Craig Kobza’s consulting expertise and support.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available to provide restoration, waterproofing, mold remediation, and general contracting for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Sarasota, Naples, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tallahassee, and Daytona Beach.