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Waterproofing with Wet-Flash by BEI Prosoco

News Update: PROSOCO, BEI Building Envelope Innovations announce high-tech weather-proofing partnership. Wet-Flash® Systems now being sold as PROSOCO R-GUARD®.

Liquid Applied Flashing System

Common window installation methods leave the opening susceptible to water intrusion even after carefully following detailed manufacturer’s installation instructions and recognized trade organization.  These installation procedures are often difficult to follow with multiple steps and layers of products in an attempt to keep the water out. Increasing the complexity of the installation procedure has not reduced the incidence of water intrusion and damage.

That’s why in 2008 we began using BEI’s Wet-Flash® a liquid applied flashing system a solution for proper sealant of window and door openings. Wet-Flash® is an alternative to metal flashing and exhibits the combined benefits of silicone and urethane. This product has reduced our building costs and we foresee it will prevent future repair costs – and therefore our customer’s save as well.

Easy-to-use Wet-Flash® systems provide superior protection against penetration of wind driven rain, while minimizing potential for condensation within the wall cavity. As part of a continuous, building-wide air barrier system, Wet-Flash® is effective even at vulnerable seams, fasteners, roof and foundation connections, and window and door openings. Wet-Flash® maximizes the R-values, reduces heating and cooling costs and lowers the risk of mold and mildew.

Wet-Flash Waterproofing Installation Overview at Window / Door OpeningsProven Success

Here’s how we do it at The Aerial Companies

Follow the steps to see how the Wet-Flash®, Liquid Applied Flashing System can save you or your company and customers building costs and prevent future repair costs.

PM-7000 and WS-7100 is packaged in cartridges or bulk to be applied with standard caulk tools then brushed, rolled or troweled to desired coating thickness.

Wet-Flash Waterproofing Installation Overview at Window / Door OpeningsPreparing the Openings

As with any window installation method, the rough opening must be prepared by ensuring it is plumb, square and dimensionally correct. It should also be smooth cut, clean and dry, with the sheathing trimmed properly to support the window frame and ensure long-term structural integrity of the exterior construction wall.

Wet-Flash Waterproofing Installation Overview at Window / Door OpeningsApplying the Wet-Flash

The installation method involves coating the window or door opening with the Wet-Flash®, PM-7000 waterproof membrane; permanently bonding to a wide variety of construction materials under most construction site environments. Opaque when applied at the proper thickness of 12 mils, quality control and inspection is easily achieved.

Wet-Flash Waterproofing Installation Overview at Window / Door OpeningsWindow Installation

After PM-7000 has dried to touch (15-30 minutes) the opening is ready for window installation but can be exposed to weather for extended periods without damage. The window or door is then sealed to the rough opening on the interior side of the frame with an interior sealant joint using Wet-Flash® WS-7100 sealant. The Wet-Flash®, Liquid Applied Flashing System is incorporated into the weather resistant barrier system allowing any water from wind driven rain or other sources penetrating through leaky windows and siding/trim to exit away from the building via the drainage plane.

Wet-Flash Waterproofing Installation Overview at Window / Door OpeningsBenefits of WetFlash

•  MS polymer technology combines qualities of silicone and urethane
•  Unique cure schedule allows overcoat with most paints after 2 hours
•  High abrasion and tear resistance
•  Excellent wear and crack bridging
•  Non Staining, Non Yellowing
•  Breathable barrier
•  Bonds to moist substrates
•  Bonds to most sealants

Wet-Flash Waterproofing Installation Overview at Window / Door OpeningsBEI’s Testing Facility

BEI’s extensive product testing, even under extreme conditions, has proven Wet-Flash® to be durable and flexible with outstanding bond strength. Wet-Flash® is an air barrier yet semi-vapor permeable and will not contribute to mold or fungus formation. Once applied, the Wet-Flash® material can be exposed to weather indefinitely before or after window installation, opening up the construction schedule sequence.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available to provide waterproofing and water damage repair for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Naples, Sarasota, Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Miami, Lantana, Cape Coral, and Tampa.