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Case Study – Elevated Deck Repairs and Waterproofing

Featured Project – Beachfront Estate Home, Naples, Florida

Beachfront homebuilding in our hot-humid climate calls for certain materials and practices to be used that resist the heavy rains and the highly corrosive salty environment. Waterproofing elevated decks is one of the most critical of the various waterproofing projects to be undertaken. Failure of these quasi roofing systems can incur enormous damage to the structural elements of the building below if left unattended. The cost of repairing an aged or failed waterproofing systems can pale in comparison to the cost of repairing the concrete subsurface or wood framed deck systems which it is designed to protect.

Featured Aerial Project - Structural Repairs and Waterproofing at Elevated Decks

Balcony Repairs and Waterproofing

At this particular beachfront Estate Home the elevated decks had a failed waterproofing system and the deterioration was severe and affected structural and interior elements.

Featured Aerial Project - Initial Inspection

Initial Investigation – Stucco Failure

During our initial inspection we observed many indicators of deck waterproofing failure. In this photo we show cracks in the stucco ceiling indicating moisture exiting below the deck surface. Stalactites were also visibile indicating long term moisture migration.

Featured Aerial Project - Saturated Substrates Discovered

Saturated Substrates

After the removal of the stone topping and mudset we discovered the substrate materials were saturated with water. The saturation level is indicitive of the inability of the water to drain from the composite deck system. We also discovered the primary waterproofing membrane at the structural deck level had failed allowing water to penetrate through the structural sheathing and on to the structural frame members causing substantial deterioration.

Featured Aerial Project - Structural Deterioration

Corroded Joist Hangers

As a result of the high moisture environment in the deck cross section the structural joist hanger buckets exhibited substantial corrosion.

Structural Steel Water Damage

Structural Steel Column Corrosion

The structural steel column shown here was replaced. This column is too far gone to repair. The corrosive effects of the salt water environment are certainly at work here at this very important structural element of the home.

Deteriorated Structural Framing Members

Damaged Deck Framing

The efflorescence is caused by water migrating under the stone topping and exiting through the failed deck system carrying the free limes from the masonry mud-set above the deck sheeting.

Preparation for Structural Repairs

Structural Shoring

Extensive shoring was required while our crews replaced framing members and structural steel columns. The Structural Engineer confirmed all loads and placement of shoring.

Sliding Glass Door and Window Replacements

Door Replacements

Andersen Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors were selected to replace the windows and doors which had failed due to the ravages of time.

Interior Water Damage

Interior Water Damage

Not only is there a big mess outside, the damage inside was also extensive which required the removal and replacement of deteriorated construction elements such as framing, drywall, flooring, wallpaper and faux finishes.

Stucco Repairs

Stucco Repairs

After the completion of the structural repairs and replacement of windows and doors we installed a new stucco veneer matched to the existing surrounding textures.

New Structural Steel Columns

New Structural Steel

Galvanized strucutral steel columns were selected to replace the original corroded columns. The base plate of the columns were encapsulated in an epoxy topping to prevent future corrosion. Ultimately the columns were coated with high-solids epoxy mastic coating to ensure long term integrity of this very important structural detail.

First Layer of Sealants at Deck Substrate

1st Layer of Sealants at Deck Substrate

All penetrations and seams in the deck sheathing are caulked with high solids urethane sealants prior to the application of the Kemper Waterproofing System.

Pre-Flashing Perimeter, Penetrations and Transitions with Kemper

Pre-Flashing with the Kemper System

Pre-flashing is the first step in the Kemper System process. We install pre-flashing to provide additional reinforcement at differential material bondlines and at all critical transitions, and penetrations.

Waterproofing the field areas with Kemper

Kemper’s Polyester Fleece – Fully Reinforced Monolithic Membrane

We’re then ready to cover the entire field with the polyester fleece. We roll on the liquid resin and lay strips of Kemperol infused fleece which when cured forms the monolithic waterproofing membrane.

Kemper Waterproofing Final Steps - Layer of Primer and Sand

Final Step in the Kemper System

We then apply a thin layer of EP resin infused with sand. This provides a “mechanical” profile to improve bond line integrity of subsequent layers of flooring finishes.

Schluter Deck Drainage System Installation

Drainage Mat

Schluter TROBA-PLUS is a durable and reliable sub-surface drainage system that improves the flow of moisture off of the deck at a substrate level. The closely positioned, cone-shaped studs can withstand heavy loads and are covered by a water permeable fleece webbing which promotes evacuation.

Installation of New Stone Pavers

Installation of New Stone Pavers

Next we install the mud set and stone topping properly bonded to each other.

Ballustrade Installation

Ballustrade Installation

New ballustrades were made for these decks to comply with the new codes. One common area of water intrusion is through the balustrade post pins which penetrate the deck’s surface layers. We’ve seen extreme cases of structural and interior damage from poorly sealed deck penetrations. This is why we take such great precaution and pre-flash these penetrations before and after the installation of the main waterproofing layer.

Another Successful Project by The Aerial Companies


Another successful project by The Aerial Companies. No more unsightly discoloration, stucco cracks, leeching stains and interior leaks to worry about. After we completed the final steps of painting and cleaning up, the homeowner’s were pleased and have peace of mind their valuable home is now protected for a long time to come.

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