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Building Sealant Restoration using Dow Corning 123 Pre-Formed Joint System - Florida Hospital, OrlandoBuilding Sealant Restoration

Florida Hospital – Orlando, Florida

The Florida Hospital is an 881-bed, acute-care community hospital using the latest technology to treat over 85,000 patients annually. We were the selected bidder by the engineering firm Williamson and Associates to install the unique Dow 123 Pre-Formed Joint System by Dow Corning at both the ribbon windows and the panelized building system to solve water and air leak issues.

Waterproofing at Elevated Deck and Pool Shell at Port Royal Beachfront Estate Home, NaplesWaterproofing Elevated Pool Shell

Beachfront Estate, Port Royal – Naples, Florida

Leaks through the elevated pool shell and into the surrounding deck and wall system prompted this extensive remediation project which included the excavation of the pool shell, tile and setting material, as well as the stone topping on the elevated decks surrounding the pool.  Learn more about the Kemper System installation process inside an elevated pool shell at this beachfront Estate Home in Naples, Florida.

Structural Repairs and Elevated Deck Waterproofing - The Strand at Bay Colony, NaplesBalcony Repairs and Waterproofing

Beachfront Estate Home – Naples, Florida

This multi-deck system exhibited severe failure in many areas. Beachfront home building in our hot-humid climate calls for certain materials and practices to be used that resist the highly corrosive salt air. This is a fairly new home and we’d like to show you how deterioration can happen very quickly. Learn more about this project.

Deck, Planter and Roof System Waterproofing for BCBE, Inc. - One Bal Harbor, Miami, FloridaRoof Deck System Waterproofing

Planter Box and Balcony Deck Waterproofing

One Bal Harbor – Miami, Florida

We were contracted by BCBE, Inc. to install a high-rise roof waterproofing system at a new resort complex. We were mobilized to this project because of our specific expertise and ability to install high quality roof deck and balcony deck waterproofing systems quickly and efficiently. Additionaly work scopes included, concrete repairs, sealant installation, epoxy injection and major structural expansion joint installation, The project required a crew of 50 professionals and included night shift work. Learn more about the installation of Tremco products at the roof deck area.

Paint and Sealants - Marbella at Pelican Bay, NaplesPaint, Waterproofing and Misc. Window Repairs

The Marbella at Pelican Bay – Naples, Florida

The Marbella at Pelican Bay is a 21-story luxury condominium with 118 units. The building was completed in 1999 and it has an unobstructed view of the Gulf of Mexico. In 2002 they called upon us to protect their building even further with additional layers of waterproofing materials. In 2003 we repainted the building.

Building Restoration at Lee County Justice Center Annex Building - Ft. Myers, FloridaBuilding Restoration

Lee County Justice Center Annex, Ft. Myers

Refurbished exterior façade of this government complex in conjunction with a major renovation. Work scopes included emergency leak repairs, removal and reinstallation of high performance silicone sealants, and the cleaning, refinishing, and polishing of the entire granite facade of this highly visible government landmark. This work was done while maintaining building operations at this very busy and high traffic government center.

Various Waterproofing Scopes for A. Vernon Allen Builder in Port RoyalWaterproofing – A. Vernon Allen Builder, Inc.

Port Royal Estate Home – Naples, FL

Like we do for most all of A. Vernon Allen Homes, we’ve protected this prestigious Estate Home with the Kemper Waterproofing System and other fine sealant products. Inside, our artisans installed the Venetian wall plaster with the silky smooth finish we’re known for. For more than a half century, A. Vernon Allen has maintained a reputation as the builder of the finest single family custom residences in Florida.

Caulking and Sealants at Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club Caulking – Sealants – Concrete Repair – Painting

Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club – Naples, Florida

During 2005-2006 we contracted for various maintenance and remediation work scopes including exterior sealant removal and replacement at windows and doors, exterior wall and roof penetration sealant work, stucco repairs, concrete crack repairs (some leaky areas requiring epoxy injection), elevated slab structural repairs, pressure cleaning, rust removal, and exterior painting including doors and elevated balcony deck floors. We were proud to be a part of keeping this historical landmark in good working order.

Waterproofing for Newbury North Luxury Homebuilder - Port Royal, NaplesSubgrade Waterproofing – Newbury North Assoc.

Port Royal Estate Home – Naples, Florida

This grand estate home built by Newbury North Associates is settled on the beach in Port Royal and is approximately 12,000 square feet under air. Newbury North builds estate homes for the most discerning clients with a level of excellence in detail resulting in the finest craftsmanship available. We are proud to have a solid relationship with Newbury North and they count on us to provide the best in waterproofing solutions for these valuable structures. For this project our work scope included subgrade waterproofing using Tremco® brand products at the foundation (below grade), window perimeters, behind all stone cladding, all decks and terraces, the motor court, planter boxes, stairs and landings, roof penetrations including the chimney and under all thresholds of the home.

Parking Garage Deck Waterproofing and Stucco Replacement - SunTrust Financial Center, Fort MyersParking Garage Deck Repairs and Waterproofing

SunTrust Financial Center – Ft. Myers, Florida

In February of 2005 we were called to the SunTrust Financial Center on College Avenue in Fort Myers for stucco repairs, granite building facade restoration and parking garage deck repairs and waterproofing. Upon initial inspection we found deteriorated sealants between the granite facade, delaminated stucco at the parking garage and some water intrusion below the parking garage deck. Please take a moment to view the short project summary as it shows the steps we take to waterproof a concrete garage deck.

Elevated Deck Sloping and Waterproofing at TIB Bank Center in NaplesElevated Deck Sloping and Waterproofing

TIB Bank – Naples, Florida

During the summer of 2008 we were called to the TIB Bank near the intersection of Pine Ridge and Airport Rd. in Naples. There were various water leak issues mostly minor except for one area off the elevated deck at the Executive Office suites. Water was leaking in through an area at the ribbon window system and underneath the door threshold due to a failing deck waterproofing system and a negatively sloped deck. This video will show you various failure profiles and the application process of Epoxy Deck Sloping and the Kemper System.

Sealant Restoration, Roof Repairs and Repaint - Naples Community HospitalSealant Restoration – Roof Repairs & Repaint

Naples Community Hospital (Downtown)

NCH Downtown and NCH North Naples provide personalized care for over 30,000 patients a year in their two-hospital, 681 bed system. In 2007 we proudly provided our services for the cleaning, repair and repaint of the metal roof system, we solved a few leak issues and removed and replaced all the window sealants. Stucco repairs were also needed in some areas and other waterproofing solutions were provided. We paid great attention to patient privacy, staff and event schedules to be as non-intrusive as possible.

Wet Seal Curtain Wall System - Trianon Center at Park Shore, NaplesWet Seal Curtain Wall System

Trianon Center at Park Shore, Naples, Florida

This is one of our typical sealant installation projects. Here we utilize Sikaflex-15 LM high performance elastomeric sealants at all metal to stucco joints. Dow 795 structural silicone sealant was used at all metal to glass joints and metal to metal joints tooling the sealant to ensure proper adhesion and to maintain the aesthetic appearance.

Paint and Sealants at Florida Hospital - Altamonte SpringsWest Wing Exterior Renovation

Florida Hospital – Altamonte Springs

Our relationship with the Adventist Health System continues to grow. This 2010 project includes removal and replacement of window sealants using Dow silicone sealants and extrusions, installation of aluminum Kynar Coated Panels and applying new coatings at tower walls.

Structural Repairs and Waterproofing at Orange Street Parking Garage - City of Lakeland, FloridaOrange Street Parking Garage

Structural Remediation and Waterproofing

City of Lakeland – Lakeland, Florida

This challenging project required various structural repairs including concrete crack repair, concrete tie beam strengthening and repairs, t-stem repairs at bearings and expansion joint installation at deck surface. We also installed the Sikafloor 450 Traffic System and cleaned and repainted all the metal connections in the structure.

Structural Repairs and Waterproofing at One Metro Center Parking Garage - Tampa, FloridaOne Metro Center Parking Garage

Structural Remediation & Waterproofing

Tampa, Florida

We were chosen by Taylor & Mathis, a diversified real estate / property management company, to perform various scopes of work to restore the parking garage at One Metro Center. Scopes included concrete spall repairs, 2,500 lineal feet of epoxy crack injection, t-stem evaluations and waterproofing at the deck surface.

Structural Waterproofing at New Beachfront Estate Home at Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach, FloridaStructural Waterproofing at Beachfront Estate

Hillsboro Mile – Hillsboro Beach, Florida

At this estate home we installed PROSOCO RGuard® FastFlash (formerly called Wet-Flash) which is a liquid applied flashing system and is our preferred solution for proper sealant of window and door openings.

Elevated Deck Repairs and Waterproofing at Estate Home - Stuart, FloridaElevated Deck Repairs and Waterproofing

Stuart, Florida

During a renovation at this Estate home we were chosen to install the Kemper Waterproofing System at an elevated deck.

Structural Waterproofing at Window/Door Openings at New Estate Home - Jupiter, FloridaStructural Waterproofing at Private Estate

Jupiter, Florida

At this grand Estate home under construction we were chosen to install structural waterproofing details associated with the window and door system installation.

The Aerial Companies - Waterproofing at Florida Hospital CarrollwoodFlorida Hospital – Carrollwood

Tampa Bay, Florida

We have proudly served Florida Hospital since 1996 at many of their 22 campuses across the state. This project at Florida Hospital Carrollwood, in the heart of Tampa Bay, consists of multiple work scopes all involving waterproofing, sealant restoration and specialty coatings.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available for waterproofing and water damage repair for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Naples, Sarasota, Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Miami, Lantana, Cape Coral, and Tampa.