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Precast Stone – Protect your Investment

Precast stone can benefit from the application of sealers, repellents and moisture migration inhibitors. These products increase the life expectancy of building components by inhibiting moisture intrusion and abating subsequent costly facade deterioration. Water repellents are a cost-effective means of protecting your stone facade and can improve the appearance of your building.

There are many different types of architectural stone material, all of which have different characteristics that we analyze before determining the best means of maintenance. It is important for us to select a product that will allow us to achieve the desired results when cleaning or sealing your pre-cast stone materials. The products we use have suitability charts within its data sheet that shows the differences in stone types and their compatibility with the individual natural stone products.

Good Reasons to Seal Precast Stone After Cleaning

The number one reason to seal your stone facade after cleaning is to inhibit damaging water intrusion.  Other reasons to follow this maintenance protocol is as follows:

•  Sealed stone stays cleaner for longer and resists staining and discoloration.

•  To guard the exterior from damaging stains. Minerals leach from precast onto glass, frames and other building elements where the stains can become unsightly.

•  To prevent mold and mildew build-up. Sealing your stone material inhibits the penetration of water which tends to minimize unsightly mold and algae stains.

•  To protect your embedded steel components which could be damage if water is allowed to penetrate pre-cast elements.

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