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Caulking and Sealants


Caulks and sealants serve important functions in home, office, and commercial construction by keeping internal and external surfaces airtight and watertight in areas where windows and doors meet walls. Caulks are also used to finish interior residential construction in areas around wood trim and built-in features, for sealing and filling minor imperfections. Once painted, these caulked surfaces will make most of those imperfections “disappear.

“Experience Matters”

Sealants have numerous uses in building envelope construction including: the edges of glazing panels and sheets, between pre-cast concrete panels, in laps between sheet metal components, as a filler in floor joints, and as a component of other waterproofing applications.

Selecting the correct sealant for the correct application is essential to achieving the best results. Proper compatibility of the chemicals within the sealant and of the substrate is crucial to a long lasting seal. We use a wide variety of sealants by Tremco, Vulkem and Dow-Corning – which are the leading manufacturers in the sealant industry. Full specifications for glazing and or re-caulking are a part of every quotation and project. When you are looking to apply the longest lasting protection to your structure, contact us. We know not all sealants are compatible with all materials, and you won’t find us over-reliant on sealants, meaning we don’t seal over faulty construction. After years of experience in construction waterproofing we’ve developed best practices that are emulated in our industry today.

Caulks and Sealants – What’s the difference?

Contrary to popular belief, the terms “caulks” and “sealants” can be used interchangeably. The terms are actually synonymous but are often used to indicate functional differences.

Products considered sealants offer high-performance joint sealing in difficult conditions. They also have superior adhesion and accommodate larger amounts of movement. The term caulk, as in “painter’s caulk,” describes formulas with lower movement capability, but increased properties like appearance, paintability, or economy.

A sealant is a viscous material that changes state to become solid, once applied, and is used to prevent the penetration of air, gas, noise, dust, fire, smoke or liquid from one location through a barrier into another. Typically, sealants are used to close small openings that are difficult to shut with other materials, such as concrete, drywall, etc. Desirable properties of sealants include insolubility, corrosion resistance, and adhesion.

Caulk can refer either to the substance or the process of applying it. The caulk application process is used to seal seams and close up crevices in buildings against water, air, dust, insects, or as a component in firestopping.


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