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Below Grade

Don’t let an incorrectly installed below grade waterproofing system cause disastrous damage to your newly constructed building.

Waterproofing below-grade building elements is critical to keeping a building watertight. While there are many excellent systems in the marketplace that can be specified and installed, the key point to success is understanding the benefits and limitations for any particular system. Proper design and inspection is well worth the effort, especially considering the cost of excavating and replacing a failed system. We specialize in waterproofing the following areas:

Slabs and Walls Below Grade – The need to “do it right the first time” is never more important than in below-grade waterproofing. This waterproofing protects one of the two most important areas of the building, namely, the foundation.

Between Slabs or Split Slabs – Some waterproofing situations require that a membrane be added on top of one layer of concrete and then sandwiched between that concrete and a topping surface, often consisting of another layer of concrete such as an elevated plaza deck. This between slab membrane prevents moisture traveling up through the concrete slab into the building.

Experience Matters

Aerial has over 30 years experience perfecting below grade waterproofing techniques. By relying on our team’s expertise you could avoid unnecessary structural damage caused by water intrusion which could cost you thousands.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available to provide below grade waterproofing for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Sarasota, Naples, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tallahassee, and Daytona Beach.