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Ultraviolet Cleaning

Ultraviolet Cleaning – Kill Harmful Microbes…

Contaminants are rapidly removed from surfaces by pre-cleaning the surfaces in air, and then irradiating the surfaces with shortwave ultraviolet light in the presence of oxygen. Our ultraviolet light professional cleaning equipment kills microbes on surfaces using UV-C light, instead of chemicals. The UV-C light kills dust mites, viruses, bacteria, fleas, mold, and more. The HEPA filtration captures particles that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

Custom Built Air Scrubbers by Aerial

With the help of Harry Sellers our Air Quality Specialist and Mechanical Engineer, we’ve taken the NIKRO Air Scrubbers which have been specifically designed for remediation and restoration contractors and added Ultraviolet lights to further improve air quality at our projects.

These units allow us to clean and control the air in a work area without contaminating other areas with dirty exhaust air. The uniquely designed filtration system with a 99.97% @ 0.3 micron HEPA filter make these units ideal for capturing smoke, fumes, mold spores, dust and other particulate, returning clean air back to the environment.

Do not use for Tanning!

Ultraviolet light, specifically in the UV-C range (not the UV-A and UV-B ranges used in tanning) is germicidal. It penetrates a microorganism, reacts with its DNA, and causes the loss of reproductive ability—which renders the microbe harmless. UV in sunlight naturally controls microorganism populations in outside air. The UV light emitted by our equipment is actually much more intense than the natural UV in sunlight, making it excellent for use as an air disinfectant inside your HVAC system.

More Science

The first process is called germicidal irradiation, that is, the direct destruction of bacteria, molds, viruses, germs, protozoa, etc. by irradiating them with intense ultraviolet light. The second process is called ultraviolet photo catalysis which involves breaking down any organic substances to simpler and safer substances that are not harmful, like water and carbon dioxide. When photo catalysts are exposed to ultraviolet light, they help to break apart the molecules in germs, fumes, volatile chemicals, pharmaceutical byproducts, animal dander, allergens, and other materials into more inert molecules.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available to provide ultraviolet cleaning services for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Sarasota, Naples, Florida, Lake Park, Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Gainesville, and Sunny Isles Beach.