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Professional Grade Equipment

When it comes to water damage repair and dry out services, our professional grade dehumidifiers are a big part of the remediation process. They utilize special pumps and drain lines to move the moisture safely out of the air. This combination of air movement and dehumidification without excess heat will safely dry most surfaces, and can be used to salvage structural framing, carpet, drywall, wallpaper, wood cabinets and a host of other materials.

Dehumidifiers for the Home or Office

A drier and thus more structurally sound property translates to a more profitable and saleable piece of real estate. Consider adding a permanent dehumidifier in your home or office. It is a sound, long term investment for those wanting to enhance their current property market value. Furthermore, drier air will lessen the risk for costly structural home repairs due to moisture, mildew and rot.

A good dehumidifier will also help remove dust, pollens and smoke from the air by utilizing an Air Purification system. Removal of these particles from our surroundings can be of benefit to asthma/allergy sufferers and those with respiratory problems.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available to provide dehumidification services for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Sarasota, Naples, Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Tallahassee, and Daytona Beach.