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Containment and Demolition

Why Take Such Extreme Measures for Containment?

The purpose of containment during remediation activities is to limit release of particles and contaminants such as mold into the air and the surrounding indoor environment in order to minimize exposure of remediators and building occupants. Excessive particle debris and mold should not be allowed to spread to areas in the building beyond the containment site.

We have our own clean room and super cleaning facilities at our Corporate office in Naples. We also offer air conditioned facilities to store furnishings and other personal belongings until the remediation project is complete.

In general, the size of the area helps determine the level of containment. However, a heavy growth of mold in a relatively small area could release more spores than a lighter growth of mold in a relatively large area. Choice of containment is based on our professional judgment. The primary object of containment should be to prevent occupant and remediator exposure to mold.

Limited Containment

We have our own equipment to obtain negative air pressures within contained areas as to prevent contaminant particle spread.

We recommend limited containment for areas involving between 10 and 100 square feet of mold contamination. The enclosure around the moldy area consists of a single layer of 6-mil, fire-retardant polyethylene sheeting. The containment has a slit entry and covers the flap on the outside of the containment area.

For small areas, the polyethylene sheeting is affixed to floors and ceilings with duct tape. For larger areas, a steel or wooden stud frame can be erected and polyethylene sheeting attached to it.

We seal all supply and air vents, doors, chases, and risers within the containment area with polyethylene sheeting to minimize the migration of contaminants to other parts of the building. Heavy mold growth on ceiling tiles may impact HVAC systems if the space above the ceiling is used as a return air plenum. In this case, we install containment from the floor to the ceiling deck, and the filters in the air handling units serving the affected area should be replaced once remediation is finished.

We must maintain the containment area under negative pressure relative to surrounding areas. This will ensure that contaminated air does not flow into adjacent areas. For this, we use a HEPA-filtered fan unit which is exhausted outside of the building. For small, easily contained areas, an exhaust fan ducted to the outdoors can also be used. The surfaces of all objects are removed from the containment area and properly cleaned prior to removal.

Full Containment

We recommend full containment for the cleanup of mold contaminated surface areas greater than 100 ft. in any situation in which it appears likely that the occupant space would be further contaminated without full containment. We double the layers of polyethylene to create a barrier between the moldy area and other parts of the building. A decontamination chamber or airlock is constructed for entry into and out of the remediation area. The entryways to the airlock from the outside and from the airlock to the main containment area consist of a slit entry with covering flaps on the outside surface of each slit entry. The chamber is large enough to hold a waste container and allow our technicians to put on and remove their personal protection equipment. All contaminated protection equipment, except respirators, are placed in a sealed bag while in this chamber.

Responsible Demolition

We perform demolitions ranging from just one wall or an entire home and we recognize the importance of managing environmental issues and waste in a responsible manner. We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact by complying with all environmental regulations and removing and properly disposing or recycling of all construction waste.

As a conditionally exempt Small Quantity Generator – we comply with the rules of the State of Florida and only generate between 100 – 1000 kilograms of hazardous waste per month.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. will provide containment and demolition during remediation for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Naples, Sarasota, Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Miami, Lantana, Cape Coral, and Tampa.