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Building Envelope Reconstruction and Water Damage Repair, New Bayfront Estate Home, SarasotaNew Home Reconstruction – Water Damage

Bayfront Estate – Sarasota, Florida

The newly built home is appx. 25,000 square feet and the remediation scopes were highly technical. After the mold remediation and investigation phases, this project required the removal and reinstallation of the failed exterior vertical wall barrier, stucco cladding system, windows and doors, roofing system,  and all elevated decks (including new drainage plane, drains, waterproofing membranes and stone toppings).  We completely rebuilt the exterior envelope to ensure the watertight integrity of this beautiful estate home.

Water Damage and Structural Repairs - Barefoot Beach, Bonita SpringsWater Damage Repair and Renovations

Barefoot Beach – Bonita Springs, Florida

At this home we were chosen to provide construction services that include; leak investigation, structural repairs at precast columns, elevated deck repairs and waterproofing, window and door replacement, railing refinishing, electrical and plumbing modifications, faux painting and other areas of repair and restoration.

Forensic Investigation and Water Damage Repair - Port Royal, Naples

Forensic Investigation - Water Damage Repair

Failure: Poorly Built Roof / Balcony Systems

The exterior envelope of this home was in need of extensive repair due to various failure profiles associated with the construction. Numerous areas exhibited severe deterioration while other locations exhibited various degrees of degradation. Some areas were in an accelerated stage of structural failure, none of which would have been anticipated from a home of this age. The deterioration discovered during the reconstruction process was dramatic.

Emergency Leak Repair at The Villages Regional Hospital - The Villages, FloridaPatio Deck Roof Replacement

The Villages, FL – The Villages Regional Hospital

Water intrusion due to unsealed planter box assemblies necessitated the following emergency scopes of work here at this hospital. We removed the steel trellis, stone caps on the planter walls, handrail assembly and roof pavers pedestal system. We replaced the EPDM with modified bitumen roof system to complete this project and stop the water intrusion.

Water Damage / Mold Removal / Roof and Deck Repairs - Port Royal, NaplesWater Damage Repair

Failure: Poorly Constructed Elevated Deck

The elevated balcony deck at this home failed as the result of poor workmanship. The deck itself did have a waterproof coating, but the stucco and stone was applied over the drip edge effectively blocking the water channel which allowed the water to seep behind the stucco and into the substrate materials and eventually into the interior of the home.

Forensic Investigation and Water Damage Repairs - Port Royal Estate Home, Naples

Forensic Investigation - Water Damage Repair

Failure: Poorly Constructed Roof Systems

Estate Home Forensic Analysis – Throughout the process of excavating the exterior layers of stucco cladding, stone deck topping, railing details, roof tiles, roof sheeting, and flashings at this estate home, we discovered a considerable amount of severely deteriorated substrates including; stucco and lath materials, plywood sheeting and framing members. This deterioration is an indication of severe and long-term water intrusion.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available to provide water damage repair and mold remediation for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Sarasota, Naples, Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, Vero Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Miami Beach.