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Water Damage Repair

We specialize in all aspects of water damage repair, including removal of mold, leak repair, dry out services, super cleaning, and structural repair.

Water damage in your building can result in a lot more than unsightly stains. More critical are the permanent structural damage and potential health hazards your water damage can cause. Unfortunately, water can seep into areas within the building structure that are not always readily visible. By the time you are aware of a problem, the situation may be much more serious than you first expected. This is why early detection and an immediate response are critical to mitigating additional damage.

Emergency Water Extraction Services

Give us a call at 239.643.7625 or 1.800.554.0953. Our staff is on call 24 / 7 for emergencies. We will respond quickly to analyze the severity of your water damage problem. Our crews and equipment will help salvage belongings, extract water, remove mold, dry out your building, purify the air, repair leaks, and conduct major structural restoration if need be. One of our foremost goals is to help you get your life and business back in order as quickly as possible.

From Leak Detection to Rebuild

Immediately bringing in trained professionals with the proper equipment makes a huge difference in what can be salvaged in a water damaged building. Our expertise in new construction, the science of building envelope restoration, and waterproofing techniques enables us to quickly identify the cause of failure and put our water damage remediation process into action right away. We use the latest technology and follow proven correction methodologies to ensure we leave you with a “healthier” living and working environment.

Containment, Demolition, and Remediation

Using appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and containment methods, we completely clean up mold and dry out water damaged areas. Our experts then select appropriate cleaning and drying methods for damaged/contaminated materials. We carefully contain and remove moldy building materials, and take personal belongings to our clean rooms for proper decontamination.

In severe remediation cases, the decision of whether or not to relocate occupants must be considered. Factors that should weigh in on this decision are the size and type of the area affected by mold growth, the type and extent of health effects reported by the occupants, the potential health risks that could be associated with debris, and the amount of disruption likely to be caused by water damage repair activities. For our commercial customers, we try to schedule water damage repair activities during off-hours when building occupants are less likely to be affected.

What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage is caused by two main factors: moisture leaking into your building, and water vapor that has been trapped inside your building and/or building envelope. Poor construction practices are most often the reason a building either allows moisture leakage or traps water vapor in the wrong places. In addition, changes in building construction practices during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, which resulted in tightly sealed buildings, have been linked to moisture problems in some structures.

Moisture control is the key to minimizing water damage. Therefore, inadequate dehumidification can potentially lead to moisture buildup. Furthermore, certain building materials, such as drywall, may not allow moisture to escape easily.

Water damage can stem from roof, deck, and window leaks. Planter boxes and gutters can cause damage by directing water into or under the building. Delayed maintenance, or insufficient maintenance, is also associated with moisture problems, especially in large buildings.

Why Choose The Aerial Companies For Your Water Damage Repair?

One advantage of selecting our experts to perform your water damage repair and rebuilding is, of course, the ease of doing business with a single company. A greater advantage, however, is that we specialize in the correct building practices that prevent moisture intrusion in the first place. Most often our customers ask us to perform a complete Building Envelope Review, which can identify other areas of concern within the building. This ensures that we fix ALL potential water damage issues up front, and complete the entire job correctly the first time.

To see the types of extensive water damage repair we’ve performed, please visit our Water Damage Repair Case Studies page. To read more about waterproofing projects we’ve worked on, take a look at our Waterproofing Case Studies page.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available to provide water damage repair for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Sarasota, Naples, Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, Vero Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Miami Beach.