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Wall Finishes

We are experts at installing wall finish systems for multi-million dollar estate homes and high-end commercial establishments.

The range of aesthetic stucco and plaster wall finishes available in today’s construction environment is exciting. From elegant and authentic, to modern and organic, there is a wide variety of high performance wall finish systems from which you can choose.

At The Aerial Companies, inc.,one of our specialties is the installation of wall finish systems, which are very different from old fashioned, inferior wall finishes. The key distinction here is that a wall finish system incorporates layers of critical components which make the final stucco, plaster, or paint finish more durable, more weather resistant, longer lasting, and more beautiful.

In order for these advanced wall finish systems to perform optimally, they must be installed correctly. Incorrect installation could result in the job needing to be redone in the near future, or worse yet, damage to other components of your building envelope.

Necessary elements for a successful wall finish system installation are:

• Application of only those stucco, plaster, and paint products that are time tested to ensure beauty, durability, and a long lasting finish

• Installation by craftsmen who have the knowledge and experience of which products and installation methods must be used for a variety of substrates

• Installation by experienced personnel who have had hundreds of hands-on hours working with the complexities and specific application requirements for a variety of stucco, plaster, and paint wall finishes

A benefit to you, the property owner, is that The Aerial Companies, Inc.’s personnel are much more than stucco, plaster, and wall finish experts. Due to the fact that we have been in construction, general contracting, and the building science industry for over 3 decades, our personnel have developed an extensive portfolio of new construction, restoration, and remediation projects. The type of work we specialize in enables our experts to often spot and mitigate potential problems in a project, before the actual installation of a wall finish system begins.

Throughout our history, a large percentage of our projects have been multi-million dollar estate homes or high-end commercial establishments. We have the depth of experience and the breadth of knowledge to complete your job correctly, no matter how large.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available to install wall finishes for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Sarasota, Naples, Florida, Lake Park, Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Gainesville, and Sunny Isles Beach.