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Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repair

The first step in concrete repair is critical: Accurate identification of the cause of damage. Failure to obtain this crucial information up front can result in costly additional repairs, or even total concrete replacement, in the future.

The experts at The Aerial Companies have a proven track record of accurately determining the cause(s) of concrete damage and in developing long-term solutions for repair. They know what signs to look for, where to look, and what tests must be run to gather the necessary information. Their expertise, developed over decades of first-hand experience on seriously damaged concrete, gives them the knowledge base needed to solve the most complex concrete issues.

Here are a few reasons why contacting the experts at The Aerial Companies should be your first line of action should concrete damage be discovered on your property.

Excessive Water Reduces Concrete Strength: Too much water in the concrete mixture is the single most common cause of concrete damage. Excessive water reduces strength and increases curing and drying shrinkage. It also increases porosity and reduces the abrasion resistance of the concrete. In spite of this cause being so common, it can be difficult to correctly diagnose. Excess water in the concrete mix can easily be masked by other causes such as abrasion erosion and cracking from drying shrinkage. These secondary causes can inaccurately be blamed when, in reality, too much water in the mix caused low durability, allowing the concrete to be affected.

Faulty Building Design Can Shorten Concrete Lifespan: This cause of concrete damage requires an expert diagnosis. Concrete problems of this type can develop from insufficient concrete over reinforcing steel, failure to provide adequate contraction joints, or failure to make expansion joints wide enough to accommodate temperature expansion in concrete slabs. Repair of concrete damage caused by faulty design is pointless until the design faults have been resolved. The experts at Aerial Companies have the expertise to determine the cause of this type of concrete damage and develop the best solutions to rectify the problem.

Structural Overloads Can Cause Concrete Cracking: The outward signs of structural overloading are usually visible, yet often misleading. Stresses created by overloaded conditions result in patterns of concrete cracking that indicate the location of the excessive load. However, even though the location of the cracks might be obvious, an investigator must rule out the possibility of other causes, which could have first weakened the concrete rendering it incapable of carrying the designed loads. It is imperative that an expert conduct a thorough assessment of the damaged concrete to determine the entire effect of the overloaded conditions.

Construction Defects, Abrasion-Erosion Damage, Environmental Exposure, and Corrosion of Reinforcing Steel Can Cause Concrete Damage: These are all additional causes of concrete damage that our experts look for in their investigation. Each of these causes can be the sole reason for concrete damage, or any number of them can work in unison to create more complex problems.

Multiple Causes of Concrete Damage must be considered when new concrete is found to be damaged or deteriorated. Test results could indicate that the available aggregate was of low quality or that the concrete was poorly proportioned. Inspection of the construction records may point to inadequate placing and finishing techniques. Excessive water of inadequate curing could also contribute to low concrete durability. Although outward symptoms such as spalling, delamination, and cracking are indicative of concrete damage, it is imperative that an experienced, seasoned investigator analyze the concrete. Our experts can determine if the problem is far more extensive than first thought and if it requires more aggressive action. The Aerial Companies team has the qualifications and expertise to determine the source of concrete damage and develop the proper solutions for long-term repair.

Postponement of Concrete Repair is Not Prudent

When it comes to concrete repair, deferred maintenance can often result in very expensive repairs, or even full replacement. No step in the repair process can be omitted without jeopardizing the serviceability of the work. Shortcuts almost always result in inferior repairs, which ultimately cost significantly more to repair at a later time.

Once the cause and extent of the concrete damage has been determined, the experts at The Aerial Companies will develop the best repair protocol for the situation and present it to the building owners.

Our staff excels in explaining the extent of damage, the cause(s), and the steps needed to repair the damaged concrete so that the owners clearly understand the scope and cost of the repairs.

Our Systematic Approach to Concrete Repair is as Follows:

a. Determine the cause(s) of the concrete damage;
b. Evaluate the extent of damage;
c. Evaluate the need to repair;
d. Select the repair method;
e. Discuss the extent of damage and plan of action with owners;
f. Prepare the old concrete for repair;
g. Apply the repair solution; and
h. Cure the repair properly.


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