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Granite, Marble, Brick, Stone Veneer Repair

We are experienced professionals in the restoration of wall veneers of all types, including granite, marble, brick veneer and other stone veneers.

There are many types of wall veneers available from a number of veneer manufacturers in the construction industry. Each veneer type is different from the next, and each manufacturer uses a variety of aggregates and binders for their array of products. With so many variables in wall veneers, the importance of contracting an experienced wall veneer repair specialist becomes crucial in your restoration plans.

Our experts, at The Aerial Companies, Inc., have restored brick and many types of stone veneers for over 3 decades. In addition, they have repaired the unnecessary damage caused by contractors who did not follow industry recommendations for correct brick and stone veneer repair and cleaning. Our experts have the depth of knowledge, the experience, and the appropriate equipment to execute a thorough and long lasting brick repair and stone veneer repair.

How is the process of brick and stone veneer repair conducted?
The first step in developing the scope of work required for a successful wall veneer restoration is a thorough assessment of your building’s exterior condition. Our assessment will include:

Precast Stone Repair & Maintenance by The Aerial Companies, Inc.Identification and/or classification of existing wall veneer materials
• Evaluation of existing façade systems including drainage, insulation, vapor barriers and structural supports
• Thorough inspection of all elements documenting all signs of deterioration and defects
• Investigation of hidden conditions through probes into exterior building components
• Investigation of material deterioration
• Identification of potentially hazardous and/or unsafe conditions

Completing an on-time, on-budget, long-lasting restoration is our goal. To that end, our experts prepare a realistic budget and project schedule, as well as the appropriate design documentation and the materials and systems specifications needed for the project. This helps ensure that they can execute a successful restoration of your wall veneer and all supporting elements.

Sources of Deterioration in Stone Veneer Types
There are many sources of deterioration of stone veneers. Damage occurs primarily through weathering and the effects of environmental contamination. Further damage can occur as a result of movement in stone veneers, failing anchorage systems, and even errors in design, engineering or installation during construction. Our experts, at The Aerial Companies, Inc., have the background knowledge to spot these failures and the expertise to know how to fix them. Our team of experts are known for their ability to innovate solutions for really tough problems.

Ongoing Maintenance and Cleaning
Once your brick veneer or stone veneer has been repaired, it’s wise to preserve those veneers against future deterioration. Our building maintenance includes routine inspections to detect early signs of stone damage and joint failure. Our experts have been maintaining commercial buildings, high rises, and multi-million dollar luxury estates for years. They have the expertise to maintain your property, too.

For interesting reading about some of our building restoration projects, please visit our Restoration Case Studies page.

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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available to provide granite, marble, brick, and stone veneer repair for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Naples, Sarasota, Palm Beach Gardens, Boca Raton, Miami, Lantana, Cape Coral, and Tampa.