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Case Study – Oceanfront Estate Restoration

Vero Beach Oceanfront Estate Restoration

For the renovation contractor, Bruce Heys Builders, Aerial dispatched an investigative team to water test windows and doors at this beautiful oceanfront estate home in Vero Beach. After initial investigations, photography and report documentation, the end solution consisted of window and door removal and replacement, water damage repair and remediation and various concrete repairs.  Aerial also performed structural deck repairs and waterproofing and other miscellaneous scopes of work as described below.

Leak Testing

During a series of field spray tests at the ground floor windows and doors we discovered that nine (9) of the eleven (11) units tested leaked into the structure.

Structural Investigation

Further investigation was required in order for us to make a final recommendation to the builder about the integrity of the windows, doors and fenestration assemblies. Upon removal of the surrounding exterior stucco and interior casing and drywall of the window and door units, as expected, we discovered extensive water damaged framing and mold.  We also discovered structural deficiencies within the fenestration assemblies (which are the masonry openings and buck assemblies).

Documentation and Consultation

We prepared extensive photography and documentation during the investigation phase. These reports included our professional opinion, cost analysis and repair work scopes. After the builder’s review with the owner and architect, it was finally determined to replace all of the windows and doors.

Preparation for Window and Door Replacement

Proper containment, temporary protection, scaffolding and air quality control management is key to cleanliness, safety and efficient work spaces.  Plastic containment barriers, floor protection and scaffolding were erected at each opening.

Air Quality Control

Air quality control was especially important as harmful biological growth was present within the structure.  Mobile air conditioning units, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers and temperature and humidity data loggers were dispersed throughout the home and air quality testing was performed before, during and after the work.

Window and Door Removal – Additional Discovery and Documentation

During the removal of the failed windows and doors the full extent of the deficiencies were discovered and documented.  We identified various causes of water intrusion which include aging window units and improper (or non-existent) waterproofing of the masonry openings.

Structural Issues

Other structural deficiencies included unfilled masonry cells adjacent to openings, drain pipes and electrical conduit within masonry cells adjacent to window and door openings and severely damaged structural buck assemblies as a result of long term water intrusion. This photo shows a drain pipe within the masonry opening.

Preparing the Fenestration Assemblies

After performing concrete repairs in various areas and the rebuilding of the structural buck assemblies, we then waterproof the openings with one of our most trusted products – FastFlash.  We then install temporary protection until the new windows are installed.

Waterproofing at Door Thresholds

Special attention was paid to door thresholds, especially those at elevated decks. It was necessary to ‘tie-in’ the new waterproofing at door thresholds to the existing deck waterproofing membranes.  In these areas, it was necessary to remove some or all of the deck toppings of tile and stone.

Structural Repairs

During the removal of these deck elements, some of the deck waterproofing membranes were discovered to be insufficient. Water intrusion damaged some of the structural column bases.  Aerial mechanics efficiently solved these issues.

New Window and Door Installation

Finally – time to install the new windows and doors.  They fit like a glove due to advanced preparation of the openings utilizing precise measurements.

Stucco Surround Repair

After the installation of the new units, the stucco was repaired at each surround and all other various concrete repairs we performed throughout the residence.

Window Sealants

After the stucco repairs were painted to match existing finishes, sealants were installed at all window and door perimeters.

Mold Removal and Interior Super Cleaning

Our mold removal and containment process includes our super cleaning and air purification protocols. Due to the insidious nature of mold growth, and the difficulties with eliminating and containing the microorganism, it is critical that remediators know what they are doing and follow highly technical protocols. Not every contractor has the know-how, experience, and equipment necessary for complete mold containment and removal.  Aerial mechanics are equipped with this knowledge and go to work primarily in the HVAC system and attic of this residence.

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