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Port Royal - Naples - Window and Door Replacement by The Aerial CompaniesWindow and Door Replacement

Port Royal Estate – Naples, Florida

The owner of this 8,000 square foot luxury home determined the most cost effective, long-term solution to their window and shutter issues was to upgrade to custom code compliant impact resistant windows and doors. Aerial’s management team efficiently executes this large project coordinating with the owner’s representative, engineers, city officials and the window manufacturer.  Aerial craftsman are well skilled to ensure accuracy of all critical installation details such as containment, temporary protection, air quality control, repairs of structural openings, wood buck assemblies, waterproofing, sealants and wall finishes.

Vero Beach Oceanfront Residence - Window and Door Replacement by The Aerial CompaniesWindow and Door Replacement

Oceanfront Residence – Vero Beach, Florida

For the renovation contractor, Aerial dispatched an investigative team to water test windows and doors at this beautiful oceanfront estate home in  Vero Beach.  After significant issue tracking, photography and report documentation, the end solution consisted of window and door removal and replacement and water damage repair and remediation. Extensive containment and air quality control was necessary to ensure the protection of interior elements.  Aerial also performed structural deck repairs and other miscellaneous scopes of work.  Read more about this project.

Building Envelope Restoration - Merrill Lynch, Downtown Naples

Building Envelope Restoration

Merrill Lynch Building - Naples, Florida

This building dates back to the early 1950’s and was a unique combination of 6 or 7 structures which were combined into one building during a previous renovation. We were contracted to test and evaluate the exterior envelope and wall system integrity. We developed a team of experts to evaluate and specify the renovation scope which ultimately included demolition, substantial exterior structural steel wall upgrades, fireproofing, waterproofing, insulation upgrades, exterior stucco cladding upgrades and architectural enhancements to the exterior façade of the building.

Brick Restoration at Historical Structure - Newport, KentuckyBrick and Grout Restoration

Historic Structure – Newport, Kentucky

This three story brick home in Newport, Kentucky Historic District was built in 1899 and is on the list of Historic Structures.  Aerial restored the exterior brick facade along with the architectural banding.  Numerous other miscellaneous structural items were repaired in conjunction with this restoration. Read more about this project.

Brick Restoration at Cornerstone Cancer Center - Tampa, FloridaBrick and Grout Restoration

Cornerstone Cancer Center – Tampa, Florida

We completed the restoration of the exterior brick facade at this two story medical facility while it was in full operation mode.  On this project, we used Cathedral Stone Products materials which are environmentally compliant stripping products and custom matched brick stain.  Other scopes of work included waterproofing of the storefront window system and other wall finish improvements.

Emergency Water Damage Repair after Hurricane Wilma - SunTrust Bank, Pelican BayEmergency Restoration (Hurricane Wilma)

SunTrust Bank – Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida

Mobilized for emergency recovery services to occupied building damaged by Hurricane Wilma. We developed a team of experts to evaluate and specify the restoration scope which ultimately included water and wind damage remediation, roof replacement and planter box repairs and waterproofing.  All work was performed while keeping the building functionally operating

Building Restoration at Lee County Justice Center Annex Building - Ft. Myers, FloridaBuilding Restoration

Lee County Justice Center Annex, Ft. Myers

Refurbished exterior façade of this government complex in conjunction with a major renovation. Work scopes included emergency leak repairs, removal and reinstallation of high performance silicone sealants, and the cleaning, refinishing, and polishing of the entire granite facade of this highly visible government landmark. This work was done while maintaining building operations at this very busy and high traffic government center.

Stucco Replacement and Granite Facade Refinishing - SunTrust Financial Center, Fort MyersBuilding Facade Restoration

SunTrust Financial Center – Ft. Myers, Florida

We were contracted by the owners of the SunTrust Financial Center on College Avenue in Fort Myers for this project which included granite facade restoration, complete stucco replacement at the parking garage, and parking garage deck structural repairs and waterproofing.


Window Restoration at Ritz Carlton Beach Resort, NaplesWindow Restoration

Ritz Carlton Beach Resort – Naples, Florida

We performed various repairs on the east elevation wood window and door units of the main building. Restoration work ranged from wood putty infills to removing entire pieces of the stiles and frames. Sealants were replaced as necessary and we restored the existing finishes of the exterior window and door assemblies. Additional scopes of work included expansion joint repairs.

Beachfront Condo Restoration - Hillsboro Mile, FloridaMold Removal and Renovation at Beachfront Condo

Hillsboro Mile – Hillsboro Beach, Florida

We were contracted to repair extensive water damage associated with pervasive roof and window leaks.  Work scopes included leak detection, water damage repair to various construction elements and replacement of damaged drywall, mold removal, roof repairs, and windows and door replacement and building code upgrades.


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The Aerial Companies, Inc. is available to provide restoration services for historic and contemporary buildings, commercial establishments, and luxury estate homes in Florida including areas around Sarasota, Naples, Florida, Lake Park, Palm Beach, Port St. Lucie, Gainesville, and Sunny Isles Beach.