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Pressure Washing

Hiring an experienced contractor to properly clean your building’s exterior veneer could save you thousands of dollars. Improper cleaning can often do more damage than good.

Today, architects, building developers, and estate home owners enjoy a wide variety of building exterior veneers from which to choose. Included in the list of choices are stucco, precast decorative stone, precast concrete, and exterior marble, granite, slate, limestone, and even sandstone panels.

As you might expect, with such a large selection of façade materials, there are also quite a few procedures and specific cleaning products recommended for each. Due to the differing organic elements and make-up of each product it is important that your contractor be skilled in the unique cleaning procedures and cleaning agents requiredby each façade type.

A beautiful façade can quickly suffer thousands of dollars’ worth of damage by untrained field technicians. In the first place, not all facades should be cleaned by pressure washing. Those that should, however, can be damaged by actions such as using too much water pressure, holding the nozzle too close, or using the wrong cleaning and sealing agents. The resulting damage is completely unnecessary. An experienced cleaning contractor would use the industry prescribed procedure to prevent that kind of damage.

At The Aerial Companies, Inc., our experts have the know-how, the expertise, and the equipment to clean any type of exterior façade on your building. For over 30 years building managers and luxury estate homeowners have entrusted us to clean and care for their external facades.

What’s wrong with too much water pressure?

For years many people have mistakenly believed that ‘the greater the water pressure, the better it will clean the façade.’  The reality, however, is that water pressure applied in excess of the accepted industry practice, can actually damage the surface of the façade.

Each time a building veneer is pressure washed, there is potential for damage of the façade material. This is especially true with precast and concrete materials which have a thin top layer that covers the coarse aggregate within the stone. Even with the correct pressure, something as simple as holding the pressure washing nozzle a little too close to the architectural veneer can leave a path of grooves etched into the veneer surface. An experienced contractor would know not to do this. Use of the proper application procedures, techniques, and products will safely and effectively clean the stone façade without damaging the surface of the material.

Before beginning the cleaning process, our experts, at The Aerial Companies, Inc., test clean a small area to verify adequacy and safety of materials and methods. They then wash and rinse exterior building veneers according to industry standard practices while protecting other areas of the building from damage during the cleaning process. Our specialists use cleaning materials or methods that enhance the appearance of architectural precast concrete finishesand any other façade materials.

What causes stains on exterior building veneers?

Most stains are due to environmental contaminants and also minerals leaching from the precast veneer surface. If the façade on your building was sealed but leaching is still visible, one or more of the reasons below may be contributing to the problem:

• Breakdown of sealants that have reached the end of their useful life
• Constant exposure to high mineral content water through sprinkler systems
• Overspray from careless waterproofing and painting projects
• Leaching of deteriorating caulking or coatings
• Leaching of contaminates from adjacent rusting metals
• Leaching of failed UV-sensitive, water-repellant
• Biological growth such as mold, mildew or algae

Protect your Investment – Waterproof your building’s precast veneer after cleaning

All architectural stone materials have different characteristics that we analyze before determining the best means of maintenance. The products we use have suitability charts within their data sheets which show the differences in facades and indicate their compatibility with the individual product types. We select our products based on the intended desired results when cleaning or sealing your veneer materials.

Please visit our Maintenance Services Case Studies page to read interesting accounts of the veneer and façade cleaning we have conducted at these two jobs – Building Restoration, Lee County Justice Center Annex, Ft. Myers and Stucco Repairs and Granite Facade Restoration, SunTrust Financial Center – Ft. Myers, Florida

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