The Aerial Companies



The Aerial Companies, Inc. operates its headquarters out of Naples, Florida with a facility in Sarasota, Florida. Aerial was founded over 30 years ago as a general contracting company. The company now specializes not only in construction, but also in restoration, all aspects of mold remediation and water damage repair, and in structural strengthening and repair. Aerial’s experts have seen the serious damage that can be caused by failed building materials, aging building materials, and poor quality construction. One of the company’s specialties has become the ability to innovate solutions for the restoration of seriously damaged complex structures.

Our experts have specialized knowledge and experience that extends far beyond a standard general contracting company’s skill set. Learn more about their specialized work in Sarasota, Florida, by visiting these links.

Aerial conducts all types of construction work in Sarasota and throughout the state of Florida.

Water Damage Repair in Sarasota, Florida