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Why Choosing a General Contractor with Over 30 Years of Experience is So Important?

Your choice of a General Contractor, quite frankly, is going to determine the success of your construction job. Your General Contractor will be responsible for managing and overseeing every facet of your job. Therefore, the successful completion of your project will hinge on your General Contractor’s construction experience, depth of knowledge, ability to manage all the required paperwork, and skill at coordinating everyone involved in the job. Simply put, you don’t want to mess around with this decision.

Our Experts at The Aerial Companies, Inc. Have the Critical Skills Your Job Requires

The Aerial Companies, Inc. has over 30 years of experience as a General Contracting company constructing and repairing buildings in Naples and throughout Florida. Since 1981, our experts have seen and repaired serious building damage caused by poor construction practices. More importantly, they have frequently been called upon to innovate unique repair solutions for damaged building envelopes and structurally unsound buildings. Our experts’ innovative repairs have successfully restored numerous buildings to their originally intended performance levels. Due to our in-depth experience, we know what is required to construct a building properly the first time, so it will last for years to come.

However, having in-depth knowledge and expertise in good construction practices is only part of the test of a great General Contractor. The critically important ability to work with all personalities involved, including those of the subcontractors and specialty contractors, can not be understated. Knowing how to communicate with everyone in order to keep the time schedule and budget on target takes years of experience. It also requires a special understanding of the various trades and what the pitfalls of each craft are. Our experts possess all of these skills as well as a keen sense of dedication to keeping you involved. This is paramount to your job’s success and your ultimate satisfaction.

Our Goal Is to Exceed Your Expectations

As your General Contractor, we will keep you informed with up-to-date information regarding your project’s progress. It is our practice to conduct regular meetings to discuss topics such as budget, schedule, inspections, and lots more during the construction phase.

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of work. Our services include:

Subcontractor Selection: As your General Contractor, we will select all specialty contractors and tradesmen, and will hold regular meetings with all involved parties.

Schedule Control: Weekly on-site meetings will be attended by project manager, project engineer, and any necessary subcontractors. You and other consultants will be invited and encouraged to attend. Additionally, we will hold separate weekly meetings with subcontractors to review their specific contract schedules

Safety and Site Logistics: Our project team will develop a plan for on-site logistics to address topics such as delivery areas, material storage and staging, personnel parking, and any other project-specific issues. Our project manager will meet with local authorities, as well as any other parties affected by the construction, to communicate the plan.

Permitting: We will manage the procurement of all Naples permits and required documentation for timely completion of the job.

Building Code Compliance: We work within strict compliance of all Naples and Florida regulations.

Cost Management: Regular monitoring of costs and schedule progress will be addressed in weekly meetings between us, you, and all concerned parties.


Once your project is completed, our General Contractor team will complete all closeout activity, and work with you to ensure that all necessary releases and guaranties are submitted. We will document all warranty items, and establish a plan to follow up with you after you move in.

Our commitment to you does not end with the completion of your project. Whether you would like follow-up mechanical systems training or need assistance with one of your warranties, we are available anytime post-construction.

With the experience and depth of knowledge our general contracting experts possess, you can be assured that your new construction, restoration, or remodeling project will be handled with the utmost skill and attention to detail.

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