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Building Envelope Restoration - Merrill Lynch, Downtown Naples

Building Envelope Restoration

Merrill Lynch Building, Naples, Florida

This building dates back to the early 1950’s and was a unique combination of 6 or 7 structures which were combined into one building during a previous renovation. We were contracted to test and evaluate the exterior envelope and wall system integrity. We developed a team of experts to evaluate and specify the renovation scope which ultimately included demolition, substantial exterior structural steel wall upgrades, fireproofing, waterproofing, insulation upgrades, exterior stucco cladding upgrades and architectural enhancements to the exterior façade of the building.

Building Maintenance Services for Venetian Isles Condominium Association - Park Shore, NaplesBuilding Maintenance

Venetian Isles at Park Shore, Naples, Florida

Over the past 20 years we have performed many scopes of work to keep these buildings standing tall. At the waterside elevations, the majority of the work is performed off barges. Currently we are working on wood trim repairs at window surrounds and shutter replacements.

Structural Repairs and Elevated Deck Waterproofing - The Strand at Bay Colony, Naples

Elevated Deck Repairs and Waterproofing

Window and Door Replacements

Beachfront Estate Home – Naples, Florida

This multi-story home exhibited numerous balcony leaks and localized structural damage. Beachfront environments can take a toll on building construction elements.  Repairs to this beachfront estate home were designed to ensure the integrity of the building envelope for many years to come. Learn more about this project.

General Building Maintenance at Newgate Business Complex - Naples, FloridaBuilding Maintenance

Newgate Complex – Naples, Florida

This long term customer relies on our services to solve issues of all kinds – quickly! We understand that time is of the essence when keeping valuable tenants satisfied with their office spaces. This building features intricate skylights and window systems which require constant maintenance. You can often see our rappellers hanging from the rooftop.

Emergency Water Damage Repair after Hurricane Wilma - SunTrust Bank, Pelican Bay

Emergency Restoration (Hurricane Wilma)

SunTrust Bank – Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida

Mobilized for emergency recovery services to occupied building damaged by Hurricane Wilma. We developed a team of experts to evaluate and specify the restoration scope which ultimately included water and wind damage remediation, roof replacement and planter box repairs and waterproofing. All work was performed while keeping the building functionally operating.

Various Waterproofing Scopes for A. Vernon Allen Builder in Port Royal

Waterproofing – A. Vernon Allen Builder, Inc.

Port Royal Estate Home – Naples, Florida

We were contracted by A. Vernon Allen Builder to install the Kemper Waterproofing System at the elevated decks and other critical areas within this luxury estate home. Other scopes of work included installation finished caulking and sealants, installation of interior plastering and Venetian finishes.

Building Restoration - Lee County Justice Center Annex - Ft. Myers, FloridaBuilding Restoration

Lee County Justice Center Annex, Ft. Myers

Refurbished exterior façade of this government complex in conjunction with a major renovation. Work scopes included emergency leak repairs, removal and re-installation of high performance silicone sealants, and the cleaning, refinishing, and polishing of the entire granite facade of this highly visible government landmark. This work was done while maintaining building operations at this very busy and high traffic government center.

Stucco Replacement and Granite Facade Refinishing - SunTrust Financial Center, Fort Myers

Building Facade Restoration

SunTrust Financial Center – Ft. Myers, Florida

We were contracted by the owners of the SunTrust Financial Center on College Avenue in Fort Myers for this project which included granite facade restoration, complete stucco replacement at the parking garage, and parking garage deck structural repairs and waterproofing.

Window Restoration at Ritz Carlton Beach Resort, Naples

Window Restoration

Ritz Carlton Beach Resort – Naples, Florida

We performed various repairs on the east elevation wood window and door units of the main building. Restoration work ranged from wood putty infills to removing entire pieces of the stiles and frames. Sealants were replaced as necessary and we restored the existing finishes of the exterior window and door assemblies. Additional scopes of work included expansion joint repairs.

Caulking Sealants and Concrete Repair at Naples Beach Hotel and Golf ClubCaulking – Sealants – Concrete Repair – Painting

Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club – Naples, Florida

During the 2005-2006 season we contracted for various maintenance and remediation work scopes including exterior sealant removal and replacement at windows and doors, exterior wall and roof penetration sealant work, stucco repairs, concrete crack repairs (some leaky areas requiring epoxy injection), elevated slab structural repairs, pressure cleaning, rust removal, and exterior painting including doors and elevated balcony deck floors. We were proud to be a part of keeping this historical landmark in good working order.

Waterproofing for Newbury North Luxury Homebuilder - Port Royal, NaplesWaterproofing – Newbury North & Associates

Port Royal Estate Home – Naples, Florida

We were contracted by Newbury North &  Associates to provide the installation of various waterproofing systems at this estate home. Work scopes also included window and door opening waterproofing as well as waterproofing of elevated decks, foundation walls and detailing behind the pre-cast stone cladding.

Parking Garage Deck Waterproofing and Stucco Replacement - SunTrust Financial Center, Fort MyersParking Garage Deck Repairs and Waterproofing

SunTrust Financial Center – Ft. Myers, Florida

In February 2005, we were contracted by the owners of the SunTrust Financial Center to restore the parking garage. Scopes of work included the parking garage deck concrete repairs and the replacement of the waterproofing membrane system along with the replacement of the stucco cladding system.

Elevated Deck Sloping and Waterproofing at TIB Bank Center in NaplesElevated Deck Sloping and Waterproofing

TIB Bank – Naples, Florida

During the summer of 2008 we were called to the TIB Bank near the intersection of Pine Ridge and Airport Rd. in Naples. There were various water leak issues mostly minor except for one area off the elevated deck at the Executive Office suites. Water was leaking in through an area at the ribbon window system and underneath the door threshold due to a failing deck waterproofing system and a negatively sloped deck. This video will show you various failure profiles and the application process of Epoxy Deck Sloping and the Kemper System.

Sealant Restoration, Roof Repairs and Repaint - Naples Community HospitalSealant Restoration – Roof Repairs & Repaint

Naples Community Hospital (Downtown)

NCH Downtown and NCH North Naples provide personalized care for over 30,000 patients a year in their two-hospital, 681 bed system. In 2007 we proudly provided our services for the cleaning, repair and repaint of the metal roof system, we solved a few leak issues and removed and replaced all the window sealants. Stucco repairs were also needed in some areas and other waterproofing solutions were provided. We paid great attention to patient privacy, staff and event schedules to be as non-intrusive as possible.

Wet Seal Curtain Wall System - Trianon Center at Park Shore, NaplesWet Seal Curtain Wall System

Trianon Center at Park Shore, Naples, Florida

This is one of our typical sealant installation projects. Here we utilize Sikaflex-15 LM high performance elastomeric sealants at all metal to stucco joints. Dow 795 structural silicone sealant was used at all metal to glass joints and metal to metal joints tooling the sealant to ensure proper adhesion and to maintain the aesthetic appearance.

Paint and Sealants - Marbella at Pelican Bay, NaplesPaint, Waterproofing and Misc. Window Repairs

The Marbella at Pelican Bay – Naples, Florida

The Marbella at Pelican Bay is a 21-story luxury condominium with 118 units. The building was completed in 1999 and it has an unobstructed view of the Gulf of Mexico. In 2002 they called upon us to protect their building even further with additional layers of waterproofing materials. In 2003 we repainted the building.

Water Damage and Structural Repairs - Barefoot Beach, Bonita SpringsWater Damage Repair and Renovations

Barefoot Beach – Bonita Springs, Florida

At this home we were chosen to provide construction services that include; leak investigation, structural repairs at precast columns, elevated deck repairs and waterproofing, window and door replacement, railing refinishing, electrical and plumbing modifications, faux painting and other areas of repair and restoration.

Forensic Investigation and Water Damage Repair - Port Royal, Naples

Forensic Investigation - Water Damage Repair

Failure: Poorly Built Roof / Balcony Systems

The exterior envelope of this home was in need of extensive repair due to various failure profiles associated with the construction. Numerous areas exhibited severe deterioration while other locations exhibited various degrees of degradation. Some areas were in an accelerated stage of structural failure, none of which would have been anticipated from a home of this age. The deterioration discovered during the reconstruction process was dramatic.

Water Damage / Mold Removal / Roof and Deck Repairs - Port Royal, NaplesWater Damage Repair

Failure: Poorly Constructed Elevated Deck

The elevated balcony deck at this home failed as the result of poor workmanship. The deck itself did have a waterproof coating, but the stucco and stone was applied over the drip edge effectively blocking the water channel which allowed the water to seep behind the stucco and into the substrate materials and eventually into the interior of the home.

Forensic Investigation and Water Damage Repairs - Port Royal Estate Home, Naples

Forensic Investigation - Water Damage Repair

Failure: Poorly Constructed Roof Systems

Estate Home Forensic Analysis – Throughout the process of excavating the exterior layers of stucco cladding, stone deck topping, railing details, roof tiles, roof sheeting, and flashings at this estate home, we discovered a considerable amount of severely deteriorated substrates including; stucco and lath materials, plywood sheeting and framing members. This deterioration is an indication of severe and long-term water intrusion.

Structural Repairs at Elevated Walkways for Condominium AssociationStructural Walkway Repairs

Naples Hideaway Condominium, Naples, Florida

These buildings were in desperate need of concrete repairs at the elevated walkways. After a competitive bid process, we were chosen for the project by their property management company, Meldon Consultants. Working closely with them and the structural engineering firm Bob Rude Structures, Inc., we completed the job on-time and on-budget.

Structural Slab Edge Repairs at Elevated Balconies - Tarpon Beach, Sanibel IslandSlab Edge Repairs at Elevated Decks

Tarpon Beach Condominium – Sanibel Island

We were chosen by the Board of Directors to perform structural repairs at various elevated decks and walkways at this thirty (30) unit beachfront complex on Sanibel Island. Multiple steps were taken to restore structural integrity to these areas. Coordination with the homeowners went smoothly and we completed the project on-time and on-budget.

Extensive Structural Repairs at Seascape Beachfront CondominiumExtensive Structural Repairs

Seascape Condominium - Bonita Springs, Florida

This mid-rise condominium building, built in 1978, is nestled along the Gulf Coast of SW Florida, was in great need of repair showing signs of severe structural deterioration. In 2002 we were chosen by the Board of Directors to restore a majority of the structural components of the buildings.  With substantial shoring we repaired deteriorated and weak structural columns and tie beams, balcony deck post tension cables and slabs, and concrete staircases.

Concrete and Post Tension Cable Repairs - The Registry (Naples Grande) HotelConcrete & Post Tension Cable Repairs

The Registry Resort Hotel – Naples, Florida

The Registry Resort, which is now the Naples Grande Beach Resort following an impressive multi-million-dollar revitalization is located on 23 waterfront acres along the Gulf Coast of Florida in Naples and situated near miles of a natural mangrove estuary. In 1999 prior to the renovation we provided our services in the following areas; concrete repairs in numerous areas, some removal and replacement of curbs and sidewalks, reinforcing steel repairs at various structural beams and columns, structural post tension cable repairs, planter box repair and waterproofing and sealant work at various windows.

Paint and Sealants at First National Bank of the Gulf Coast - NaplesExterior Paint and Sealants

First National Bank of the Gulf Coast

Naples, Florida

One of our favorite corporate customers – First National Bank of the Gulf Coast expanded! We were awarded the contract to update their newest branch building exterior to match their corporate offices. The new branch office is located on the corner of Pine Ridge Road and Kraft Road in Naples and is now open to serve their customers.



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